When you are one bad day away from an existential crisis, remember that you are the author of your own misery and by your standards, you have suffered too little. Therefore make it an exquisite weeping, moaning, and gnashing of teeth so that when others look back they see your Sistine Chapel of woe and gaze upon that abyss in awe…”


After a near-fatal car accident, 12-year-old Ayida Jean-Baptiste is left horrifically and permanently scarred on her face and body. She is forced by her father and therapist to rejoin “normal” society within the confines of Calista, Texas where the residents are neither charming or quirky. Ridiculed for being a monster, Ayida finds herself on the receiving end of a bullying gone horribly wrong and in effect becoming the witness to a murder.

As the bodies pile at her feet, Ayida’s debut to the people of Calista becomes the start of a witch hunt with no one listening to her cries of monster…not even her own father. Falling further and further into the dark realm of trauma and insanity, Ayida realizes the connection between her and the monster runs deeper than blood.