The Story So Far – A Squidly Announcement!

Welcome back!

It’s been such a wild ride with hurricanes, blackouts, and bad mental and physical health all around! BUT, we did it! I am happy to announced two projects that have taken months of blood, sweat, and tears with sprinkles of what’s left of my sanity on top!

My Squidlies!

I am pleased to announce that Connecting Worlds and Indigo Inc finally have RELEASE DATES!!!

That’s right! On October 25th and October 26th all of you get to see what’ve been pouring all my energy and hopes into! I’ve been gushing about and finally RESULTS!!!! I’m so proud to have gotten this far and actually pushed through to the completion of a project (much less TWO!) and I truly can’t wait to share them with y’all and hear what you think. Do keep an eye out! Mark your calendars!

But most importantly!

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Stay tuned and I’ll see you soon.

Stay Well-Read!!!!


The Story Begins…

You’ve chosen to step into the void…

We welcome you here into the Shoal where you can find whole new worlds and even further universes to explore. You may even create some for yourself…

Now that you have takent he first step, let us guide you from here.

Don’t worry…

We’ll only lead you astray if you let us…


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  • Indigo Inc – an episodic horror series about the life and times of a group of clairvoyants.
  • 15 Degrees Skyward – the shared dream between two minds and the connections tested by time, space and life
  • Transient – The psychological dark fantasy of a girl, a monster, and her a small town wrapped in one large spiraling void of insanity.
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