Content | Upload Schedule

With 2021 being a period of growth and focus for the Cerebral Hedonist, we’ve reached a point where our Scholarly Squid can’t afford to just sporadically spew out content and hope it lands where it needs to! Therefore, after much kicking and screaming, we have finally drafted, prepped and polished a complete and comprehensive content schedule! This is both for your convenience and the sanity of our stubborn creator as we’re seeking to create a very interactive community. Especially since we’re giving something we all have needed: Structure!

Beginning of April 1, 2021, The Cerebral Hedonist will be working towards a specific posting and upload schedule. Of course it will correlate to the limitations of our Scholarly Squid as needed. This will include the Cerebral Hedonist Website, YouTube Channel, and Patreon!

It will be structured as follows:


~ Commissions | Art ~

Website: The Story So Far | Updates | Announcements

Patreon: Updates | Art Progress


~ Writing | Worldbuilding ~

Website: Tentacle Files

YouTube: Shoal Sessions (Live) @ 4pm CT

Patreon: Personal Blog


~ Writing | Worldbuilding ~

Website: Lore Teasers | Secret Project (June 2021)

YouTube: Shoal Sessions (Live) @ 4pm CT

Patreon: Lore Notes | Epic Character Histories


~ Books | Movie | Games ~

Website: Reviews

Patreon: Secret Project (June 2021)

YouTube Upload Schedule

Starting March 1, 2021, The Cerebral Hedonist will be posting finished videos with a few things we know you’ve been waiting to have back!

1st Sunday – Vlogs | Discussions

2nd Sunday – Indigo Inc

3rd Sunday – Connecting Worlds

4th Sunday – Curating Quiet

Each video as they are is finished will be scheduled for Sunday. If any Sundays are missed, do not fret, they will return the following month. I hope this gets you geared up for the coming year because we sure are!

In the meantime, take the time to explore previous content to get a feel for everything! Also show us some support by sharing and following all out social media! Join our Discord Community as well!!!

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