Connecting Worlds – Blood in the Water w/ Amelie Wen Zhao

Welcome my Squidlies!!!

Connecting Worlds is back and sparkling more than ever!

This time we have the extremely talented and far too powerful Amelie Wen Zhao, author of the titular Blood Heir which was one of my absolute FAVORITE books last year. Best of all, we’re just in time for the release of its sequel, Red Tigress on March 2nd!!!

So come, experience the world of Amelie Wen Zhao and the deeply personal connectin she has to her world. Connect with us on life experience, career woes, and navigating strange new worlds!

Thank you for your patience as always! Let’s make her sophmore release a great one.

I hope you come, I hope you stay, and I hope you connect with us!

((Close Captioning Coming Soon!))

I hope you enjoy! Follow Amelie Wen Zhao on Instagram! If you haven’t already enjoyed Blood Heir, get on it! If you have, there’s still time to preorder Red Tigress! Do it!

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