Cerebral Creations

INK SPILLS – Artwork of the Cerebral Hedonist

TENTACLE FILES – Musings done by the Squid (sometimes in collaboration with guests to the shoal) consisting of thoughtful posts and ruminations.

CONNECTING WORLDS – Interviews, discussions, and collaborations that allow a meeting between creative minds

THREADS OF YGGDRASIL – the dark futuristic fantasy that follows the threads of a world far from our own yet always leading back

INDIGO INC – an episodic horror series about the life and times of a group of clairvoyants.

15 DEGREES SKYWARD – the shared dream between two minds and the connections tested by time, space and life

TRANSIENT – The psychological dark fantasy of a girl, a monster, and her a small town wrapped in one large spiraling void of insanity.

SHORT STORIES – small happenings and anomolies within the void between worlds