Spilled Ink – The Cerebral Hedonist

“Can You Match My Resolve?” – Monty Oum

There’s only one mission for TCH:

To Create! Create Worlds that people can immerse, escape, and enjoy and become a pillar of imagination for all to love, aspire, but most of all, find their own worlds in.

How To Accomplish This:

Create original work and content. Promote original work and content created by others. Aid with personal processes and ideas so that others can create. Document and discuss storytelling, its processes, and its affect on society. Distribute and encourage storytelling to save those who need it.

Here is a place of creative strength, creative support, and creative tranquility. A community for all who love stories.

Harli ~ The Scholarly Squid

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Jezebel ~ The Cosmic Squid

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Ashmodai – The Hedonistic Squid

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