The Story So Far – Way Down We Go

We got a very late start in March but we’re chugging along. If you’ve been following along on twitter you’ll have seen that the Squid had to slow down. Nothing serious, just the marks of our favorite squid getting old! Everything else has been a slow and steady race that we haven’t stopped winning since the year started. As always, we owe that thanks to you all for keeping up. That being said, we’re going to drop a few updates in our continuous evolution and fluxation. So let’s get to it and see where we are.

Inks Spills and Commissions

From this week forward, our public gallery and all commission galleries will be through Ko-fi where we will finally be making some available for purchase! With the new redesign of the Well-Read/Scholary Squid Avatar, they’re about to get some family and friends. The Shoal Squad is coming and we can’t wait to show them all off and how they itneract with our content.

We’ve also streamlined our commission process as well.

You want your innerself to look as good as ours or just have your characters brought to life? Check out our new commission sheet on Ko-fi where you can simply order a commission slot with just a click. Our Payment Plans are still available on Full Color work, you need only ask! Do pay attention because our prices have shifted with the Squid’s skill. We’ve simplified everythign for the convineience of our beloved Shoal.

Of course, the best way to support us and help us do what we do is still our Patreon. By becoming a Patron for only $5 a month, you become a valued member of the Shoal and gain access to all sorts of exclusive goodies and content! That includes free prints and commission discounts for higher tiers, plus access to our more involved posts and artwork! So if you would like to regularly support us, definitely get on The Cerebral Hedonist Patreon!

The Cerebral Hedonist Channel

Unfortunatley, due to the Squid’s weak-ass bones they will have to be cut to twice a week. These will be our Shoal Session lives which will still remain publically available as well as secret, quiet Art Streams. The Shoal Sessions will continue to be on Tuesday and Wednesdays but the time slot will be 4pm CT – 8pm CT, though the ending time will vary based on if the Squid is under the weather. Those will still consist of work sessions but will also vary with reading sessions, chats, and art streaming.

As for overall channel content, much of it will be made available here on the website. Original Content such as Curating Quiet, Connecting Worlds, and Indigo Inc. — while listed as public — will primarliy be advertised and hosted here. This will allow for a more centralized platform where all you wish to find will be within the Shoal. While there is no set schedule, Media Content will always be posted on Sundays. Think of it as a surprise every sunday!

The Content schedule will be revised and updated upon the posting of this update!

An Important EndeavorPlease Read

As you all know, the Squid suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder and thus has, in the past, made use of Mental Health Facilities. Because of this, we made a personal endeavor to help raise a bit of money for 4 particular MH Workers who have made it possible for people like them to have a safe and clean place to recover and get back on our feet. This GoFund Me’s goal is to raise 2k for four workers who were stiffed on their hazard pay during the Texas Ice Storm. They were given a meager amount despite being trapped at work, facing damages to their homes, and having to sleep on mattresses on the floor at the facility and yet STILL they worked their asses off and did what they needed to in order to take care of the people there and ensure they had what they needed. For this reason we wanted to try and do something. We don’t have a huge platform, but we feel it matters enough that we can earn something for them! So anything you give — $1-$100 — it doesn’t matter, your help will be very much appreciated.

Please Consider Donating and Helping by Clicking Here!

There is much in the pipeline, but remember we are a limite crew for now, so this will always be done slowly but surely. We appreciate your patience and are always looking ahead. Thank you guys and remember–


-The Shoal Squad-

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